Root | The Story Behind
Root represents artists and designers, connecting them to clients and consumers. High quality concepts, productions and products that merge together collaboration, innovation and approachability.
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The Story Behind

Root believes the rapid changes and developments that we are currently experiencing calls for a new outlook on the role galleries play in the support and management of artists and art lovers. Through a reimagined model of the traditional art gallery, we aim to enable artists to thrive. There is currently a lack of a support system for emerging artists to grow and flourish. In this model, we aim to rejuvenate this view young artists have by emphasizing their individuality, providing them with the necessary tools to develop professionally and allowing them to do what they do best, creating freely. Aside from offering a platform for artists to work and exhibit, Root guides the artists to allow them to reach their full potential.

Building strong relationships with art enthusiasts is highly important and is a goal that is time and time again reflected in the undertakings of the gallery. Meetings with us can be organized seven days a week, it is possible to take options on any artwork and we even offer the chance to have artwork created on demand, which includes a visit to the artist’s studio if you wish.

We have new exhibitions every six weeks in the gallery, an online collection, participate at national art fairs and many others projects in Rotterdam. Curious? Subscribe to our newsletter or send us an email.

The people behind
Yvonne de Jong | Founder

Ever since the start of her study at the Academy, Yvonne never fully meet the standards of the stereotypical art student. During her four years at the academy she tested how to apply her enterprising approaches within her work. This resulted in a lot of activities and projects outside the walls of the academy, while still studying. When it comes to Root her bold approaches finally found their right place, this is where she primarily focuses on the organization of daily tasks. She understands the process of the designers and artists but, with her practical way of thinking, she not only keeps the exhibitors grounded but also the Root team. By setting clear goals and accessible structures Yvonne finds order in the creative chaos. Her strong and persistent character corresponds to the aims she sets within Root.

The artists

Root scouts the most talented and passionate creatives and find the individuals and companies who admire their work as much as we do. Although the ideas, concepts and  aesthetics has to fit in within the perspective of Root, the state of mind has to fit in too. People who create with their heart and soul, for people and companies who would like to admire the items for many years. Although many times thought otherwise, Root isn’t a gallery. Root is a platform where artists are collaborating not only directly with Root but also among each other. The autonomous artists, product designers, photographers, trend forecasters and everyone in between. Because by collaborating we can create a system where everyone can do what he does best and dearest.

Assembled by Root went through an enormous development last few years, now entering the Rotterdam art scene with a full size art gallery, partaking in increasingly bigger art fairs, and while doing all these things keeping a high standart of curating, distinguishing itself from other presentations. To be part of this development is enchanting and to be able to present my work at a gallery that is very much engaged with its artists is very rewarding.
- Artist Donald Schenkel
As an artist, being affiliated with a gallery like Assembled by Root, has definitely exceeded my expectations. Assembled by Root provides its artists with so much more than just a place to exhibit artworks and the ability to sell. Both the artists and the gallery are constantly aware of their next step and new possibilities, all in order to gain a full-fledged and innovative role in the current art scene.
As a result, Assembled by Root has experienced exceptional growth over the last few years and I can hardly think of a better motivation than being part of that exciting process. - Artist Sophie de Vos