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Root represents artists and designers, connecting them to clients and consumers. High quality concepts, productions and products that merge together collaboration, innovation and approachability.
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Root aims to aid emerging artists in their development and growth by providing them with a platform, information
and support through strong community collaborations, and high quality productions.

Root is proud to present ‘Camera Work’, an exhibition that will run until the 29th of July. The finissage will take place on the last day between 15:00 and 18:00, during which we welcome anyone who is interested to join us for a drink and a browse. Read more here.

New Design

Artist Donald Schenkel created a new artwork with oil paint on glass (50×80 cm). Donald is an upcoming artist who creates subtle color gradients with oil paints on a variety of materials. What he seeks is smoothness in the color that leads the watcher’s eye into the faraway.