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Talk And Finissage | From The Elusive

Jochem Esser | Lisette Schumacher | Artist Talk

Talk And Finissage | From The Elusive

On Saturday the 29th of September we’ll close From The Elusive, the duo exhibition with artworks by Lisette Schumacher and Jochem Esser. From 15:00 until 17:00 we welcome you to visit the exhibition, meet the artists and have a chat about the artworks. We also organize an informal artist talk for everyone interested.

15:00 – 15:30 welcome
15:30 – 16:00 artist talk
16:00 – 17:00 drinks and bites

Jochem Esser’s work arises from the urge of understanding things by taking them apart and reconstructing them. Because modern technology has a tendency towards ubiquity, it becomes harder to tell what is technological and what is not. What is an interface and what is the real world? In his work, he deconstructs and reconstructs devices, releasing them from their functional purpose and letting them just be what they are: arranged materials conducting a dynamic process. “What I aim for is to create an alienation from common devices and make their appearance visible in another context.” These alterations are made by adding and erasing materials. Until they find a new natural form.

Lisette Schumacher’s practice revolves around painting. Experimenting with different unexpected tools she works methodically using self-devised painting systems and techniques. Schumacher’s paintings are about the elapsing of time and light and how memories can influence your experience. Her interest in architecture is often visible. Journeys to extraordinary locations, their history of use and track marks are the focus of attention. Photographs taken at the scene are translated into paintings with reconstructed elements narrating the location’s past and present. Since recently Schumacher started to do extensive research on the designs of Le Corbusier. On account of her visit or stay in a building she takes the lighting effect as reference point for new work.

The afternoon will be free of admission. Stay updated via our Facebook-event. Meanwhile, all available artworks from the exhibition can also be seen via our online gallery. We hope to welcome you during the finissage on the 29th of September!

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