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New Exhibition | Intangible Materials

Jochem Esser | Donald Schenkel | October 14 | Root

New Exhibition | Intangible Materials

From the 14th of October until the 18th of November the duo exhibition of Jochem Esser and Donald Schenkel will take place at Root. The work of both artists are characterized by evanescent experiences of sound and light transformed into objects, dealt with as objects, and made experienceable as objects. Jochem Esser’s art deals with our relation to technology by reengineering the things we take for granted, such as ever present interfaces or digital generated sounds. As one of the fundamental aspects of our human condition, technology and the way we relate to it needs to be constantly questioned and researched. In his assemblages Jochem Esser reworked speakers and other disassembled pieces of consumer technology to let us experience sound as objects. Donald Schenkel’s art revolves around the elusive as brought about by the colours of oil paints. During an age of rush and constant impulses, the quest for a pleasant visual dislocation might be a very necessary antidote. In the current series of works translucency and lightness are leading the way to explore a new range of possibilities with oil paint. This all happens at that point where the accent on matter shifts to that on the mind.

Jochem Esser believes that technology is one of the greatest forces where humanity has to deal with. However the term tens to inclusiveness, therefore it becomes more difficult to discern what is technologic and what isn’t, what is interface and what is the ‘real world’. In his work Jochem disassembles everyday object to rearrange them afterwards and deprive them from their normal function. What remains is the object itself; an assemblage of materials which corporate in a dynamic process. With this, he’s trying to achieve is an alienation of these objects whereupon he regards the objects in a different context. During this exhibition Jochem presents his latest project Reverberation. This shows a relation between different worlds; the world of sound, the world of analog electronics and the world of object and form. Reverberation creates a subtle interplay between these worlds.

Donald Schenkel’s art revolves around the elusive as brought about by the colours of oil paints. His current series of paintings are inspired by light and lightness. Donald views lightness as a result of translucency and transparency. The series is inspired by different experiences of light; not only of the shining of light, but also of the reflections of light. Such as the feeling of light that reflects from heavy and solid materials like stone. By playing with translucency certain qualities of colours are exposed which otherwise remain hidden. The work of Donald Schenkel is about how colours behave. Oil paint offers, just like any other material, possibilities and resistance. Through a method of learning-by-doing the artist discovers an increasingly larger range of the behavior of material and colour.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday the 14th of October from 15:30 until 19:30. You’re most welcome to join us and toast on the new artworks. This exhibition is also the last exhibition at our location on the Zaagmolendrift. We’ll be back in 2018 located in a new gallery space. During this last exhibition Root will be open on Saturday from 12:00 until 17:00 and by appointment. For more information visit er send an email to

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