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New exhibition | Form Unformed

Philine van den Hul | Daniel van Dijck | Jan Kuhlemeier

New exhibition | Form Unformed

From April 12 until May 19 Assembled By Root will exhibit the artworks of Daniel van Dijck, Philine van den Hul and Jan Kuhlemeier. Artworks in which the process of creation seems to be disrupted, as if the carrier is still moving. Images appear to be both solid and fragile. In all it’s simplicity, in all it’s dynamics.

By conceptualising and digitalising our images we tend to devour our material reality. Yet in this collection of works we find the resistance of the physical. In the whites we discover colours and shades fixed in the moment, right before they would be blended and changed.

You are most welcome to the opening on April 12 from 19:00 until 21:30. After the opening all artworks presented in the exhibition can be referred to on

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