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New Art Fair | Art The Hague

Jan Kuhlemeier | Donald Schenkel | Saïd Kinos

New Art Fair | Art The Hague

From the 26th until the 30th of September we’ll participate at the Art The Hague art fair. The quirky contemporary art fair, will surprise art lovers as well as collectors in 2018 with works by international top artists. With a strong selection of 45 galleries the regular ‘line up’ of Art of The Hague is also worthwhile.

We’re looking forward to bring you the artworks by Saïd Kinos, Donald Schenkel and Jan Kuhlemeier.

Saïd Kinos created a new triptych for this art fair. His work expresses a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. Communication through language, symbols and (social) media is one of the main sources of inspiration for his work. Through a background in graffiti and a bachelor degree in Graphic Design, Saïd developed a strong passion for typography and other visual forms of communication. His work is recognizable through high contrast, often black and white, and the use of distorted typography. Because of this, a certain level of visual overkill is brought to the viewer. In this overkill Saïd finds a metaphor for the amount of information we have to process on a daily basis.

Donald Schenkel creates subtle gradients with oil paints. He seeks for smoothness in color transitions that can lead the eye into the faraway. Sometimes these colors flash purely from the canvas, at other times they are diluted into darkening twilights. Diverse surfaces like glass or canvas carry layers of paint in distinctive ways, giving rise to an ever-greater sense of depth or translucent lightness. During Art The Hague we’ll present several sculptures on glass and plexiglass.

Jan Kuhlemeier mostly works with pigments and tile adhesive on panel and explores fragments from the skate- and surf-experience. During Art The Hague he’ll present his latest series Collision. The new collision works are about an inexhaustible energy that happens all the time, day in day out. This energy repeats itself over and over again, shaping and constantly changing the environment. It has a pattern but yet it is different everytime. In the Collision series he tries to grap the hidden beauty of this phenomenal that fascinates him. He translates this into a painting

If you would like to visit the art fair, click here for a ticket.

Opening hours Art The Hague
Wednesday 26 September 6 pm -10 pm
Thursday 27 September 2 pm – 9 pm
Friday 28 September 2 pm – 9 pm
Saturday 29 September 11 am – 8 pm
Sunday 30 September 11 am – 6 pm

We hope to welcome you during Art The Hague. Click here for more information about the fair.

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