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Meet up | Camera Work

New exhibition | Opening | Photography | June 22nd

Meet up | Camera Work

Root will be hosting Camera Work, a photography exhibition between June 22nd and July 29th, which was put together following a successful open call. The four final artists that were selected all create beautifully fascinating works and have interesting motivations and sources of inspiration. Since they are not familiar to the Root community yet we asked them to answer the question: “What do you surround yourself with to remain inspired?” in order for you to get to know them a little better. If you are interested, the opening of the exhibition will take place on June 22nd from 7PM onwards. For details, visit the Facebook event page. We hope to see you all there!

Jacqueline Fuijkschot 
To stay inspired I need the city. In this case that is Rotterdam, which is my preferred Dutch city. I enjoy rhythms within architecture and am always surprised at the range of choices within that. I aim to highlight what is already there or use it by placing it in a new environment. The city, the architecture and its imperfections and the energy of the bustling atmosphere or even its stillness are my materials. Without it, I couldn’t create my work.

Lotte Fondse 
I like being in places I know, surrounded by objects that are familiar to me. Often, that will be my own home. It is a place, which can manifest itself in many ways and where I create new things. However, home isn’t the place where I will feel most inspired. I get inspired by going to locations I don’t know as well, which aren’t as familiar. I therefore like to take strolls in the city in places where I haven’t been before, preferably with my camera. It requires more effort to find and visit these unknown locations but they leave me more energized and inspired.

Remco Mackenbach
Inspiration comes in many shapes. To make sure I can find them I firstly make sure to be surrounded by as many objects as possible. Materials and resources to start with: in order for me to not be dependent on others or opening times so that I cannot get blocked due to being unable to carry out certain techniques. My most recent acquisitions are a large etching press (refurbished by me and already used) and a base set for screen-printing (in the queue). I also make sure to have access to a range of imagery, mainly through social media and newsletters. This is also the reason why I own an extensive book collection and why I will regularly visit expositions and galleries. Finally, I make sure to stay alert, in order to collect objects and ideas to be used in my installations en registrations and to remain open-minded about each image or concept that presents itself to me as useful for future endeavours.

Emily van Dijk
As I’m walking towards the hill facing me, I look down while one foot passes the other. I’m very aware of the high temperature. Sometimes I look up, but all I see are green leafs and somehow that doesn’t interest me enough. My hands are beginning to get sweaty while I’m holding on to my camera. I constantly think about what could be a possible ‘moment’ and if I should stop walking or not. I see a pink straw laying on the ground, but for me it doesn’t become anything else than a pink straw. I always think left behind, forgotten or lost objects are very interesting, but most sometimes garbage is just garbage. After a while I’m almost at the top of the hill and I see a deserted pool from an angle that catches not just my eyes, but also my feelings. Even though that sounds exaggerated, this is the most exciting moment of photography for me, when something everyday suddenly becomes something more or even something else. This is also what I’m trying to communicate in my installations; not so much one story, but rather (recognizable) experiences.

We hope to welcome you at the opening to have a toast with the artists during this evening. Afterwards the exhibition will still be on show until the 29th of July. Assembled by Root is open on a weekly basis from Wednesday until Friday from 12:00  to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 12:00 to 17:00. Appointments can be made if you wish to meet outside of the opening hours.  The address of the gallery is Zaagmolendrift 12 in Rotterdam, located in the Zwaanshalskwartier area.

On photo: The Higher You Aim The Hose The Further The Water Reaches bij Emily van Dijk – 2016, 120 x 80 cm, inkjet print on Dibond

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