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Guided tours | The Mattering Of Colour

St Job building | group exhibition | MILLTEN Rotterdam

Guided tours | The Mattering Of Colour

Currently Donald Schenkel, Yvonne de Jong and MILLTEN Rotterdam present the group exhibition The Mattering Of Colour,  the very first exhibition organized at the iconic St. Job building from 1947, located at Lloydkwartier, Rotterdam. The exhibition is presenting the artworks by: Janina Schipper, Rosa Peters, Lisette Schumacher & Donald Schenkel

The Mattering of Colour revolves around our experience of colours as they flash purely from the canvas embodied by materials as paint and pure pigment powder. St Job is a creative working environment by MILLTEN Rotterdam. With this art exhibition MILLTEN provides a new platform for showing Rotterdam based artists.

During this exhibition we’ll organize two guided tours in the building. Sunday the 8th and Sunday the 22nd of July from 2PM until 3 PM. Both tours are free of admission. Interested? Please send us an email to:

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